Slider Rail Kit

The slider rail kit is an excellent safety addition to the RW.  But first, a short story...I had a guy that built an Exec162F helping me some years ago.  He did the original slider rails.  He jury rigged where the slider rails attach to bulkhead #4 by using three pop rivets (see picture above) resulting in extremely sloppy work and in my opinion jeopardising safety.  He used to say, "I don't care, it ain't my helicopter!" and "I ain't gonna help you build a helicopter better than mine!"  At the time, I thought he was kidding, but now I've spent many hours correcting safety critical errors he made in over four areas.  Needless to say, he no longer "helps" me with the project.  The moral of the story is, be sure of the qualifications of who is helping you!  Anyway, back to the subject at hand. The kit as received is supplied with everything you need to install it.  The instructions are done up in a nice color manual with clear, concise pictures and the price is reasonable.  The extruded aluminum housing really shines in its attachment points to the number 4 bulkhead.  This feature makes me really feel safer in securing the tail rotor mechanism.  Perhaps, the only area that needs addressing is the nutplates that hold on the tail cone.  If you are doing a retrofit, you will need to do something here because the unit will not slide into the tail cone with the nutplates sticking up in the way.  I elected to relocate mine directly onto the extruded aluminum.  This takes a little work to line up everything but it is really no big problem.  Another area that I deviated from in the instructions was using the horizontal stabilizer for a reference in lining up the unit.  If your horizontal stablizer is perfectly level, this procedure is probably OK.  But, I would rather rely on a digital level to tell me that my tail rotor will be level with the main sprocket.  Pictures 8 & 9 show the painted tailboom with the final installed unit without and with the rotor blades.